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Wings to Soar Online Academy believes that the first step on the Path to Success is to find out where a student is right now in each of these skill-based areas: reading, spelling, vocabulary, language, and math.

Based on the learning concerns you indicate on your Just-Right Level™ Assessment request form, 
our Intervention Specialist will set up a customized set of assessments for your child
as a first step to creating a custom Path to Success™ Learning Plan to address their individual needs.
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Wings to Soar 
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helps dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners gain the confidence and skills to not just survive, but thrive in school and in life through our custom Path to Success™ Learning Plans.
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Don't let your student continue to struggle!
If you're like most families, you've tried far too many programs that just haven't worked. With our free 2 week trial, 
there's NO RISK to getting your student started on their own custom Path to Success™ Learning Journey today.
Grace's Success Story Could Be Yours
Wings to Soar lets you move at your own pace. Some schools are just not willing to help each individual student,or give them the challenge they need. Kids need to be able to do work that’s right for them!
Daniel M. 11 year-old student
Wings to Soar provides placement testing, 
assists with planning courses and 
customized learning plans for families, 
serving as an educational guidance counselor at times 
and a sounding board when problems arise.
Susan Thompson, homeschooling mom of 2

Wings to Soar Online Academy addresses learners a conventional classroom can’t or won’t

If schools were represented by muffin tins, neat, orderly, and uniform in their output, 

alternatively, Wings to Soar better resembles a potter’s wheel

Wings to Soar evaluates our son’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and personality

and creates a holistic plan for his learning! 

Definitely not a cookie-cutter approach to education! 

Wings to Soar sees our son like we do, as a masterpiece in progress.

Clayton and Shannon Greaves, parents of 17 year-old boy with Asperger's

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